Player: Angela

Race: Human

Occupation: Mourner

Weapons: Dual exculpuses

Moira Clayton is the widow of Horatio Clayton. After his death, she became a Mourner - a highly skilled and incredibly lethal close combat fighter. She acts as the bodyguard for her brother-in-law, Byron Clayton.

Angela commented on Moira in a blog post:

"Being a widow of less than two years, Moira would undoubtedly still be in full mourning, even if she hadn’t chosen the drastic path of becoming a Mourner. Interestingly, siblings were only expected to mourn for six months, so Byron is sartorially well passed the official mourning stage. Parents may mourn as long as they feel disposed, and having lost both a son and a husband, Beatrix Clayton could be in any stage of mourning her conniving spirit deemed most beneficial to her. Special jewelry was produced in black stones, often with minimal lustre, as well as incorporating hair of the deceased in brooches and pendants. If Horatio’s death had left behind much of a body, Moira would certainly have kept a lock of his hair close to her heart."
"I chose to play a Mourner because “ninja nun” sounded pretty bad ass, and a class predominantly made of women in a setting built on an era that had tense relations with women intrigued me. Delving deeper into the class, the setting, and my particular character, has been a treat, even as my own bent for historical research has illuminated the poetic license the source material takes (as they should! If there are zombies, I can certainly handle changes in historical costuming)."

Little is known about the Hepburns, i.e. Moira's relatives outside of the Clayton family, although Angela has mentioned that she's written a detailed backstory for them:

"I’ve had some macabre fun fleshing out just how tragic Moira’s backstory is. From the (now forgotten) truth about how much blame lies with Byron to the extent of the cold shoulder from her (probably insane) mother-in-law, not to mention the tragedies I’m keeping in my back pocket until they come up in play. There’s even a whole Hepburn family planned out and waiting to be met back in London, so everyone can see how much Moira has (or hasn’t) changed in the face of her loss."