Player: Billy

Campaign: Unhallowed Metropolis

Race: Human

Occupation: Lord, former opium addict

Byron Clayton is the brother of the late Horatio Clayton, and Moira Clayton is his sister-in-law (and bodyguard).

Billy described how he named the character in a Fandi-blog post:

"We played Unhallowed Metropolis a few days after a Black Adder marathon. I loved the snootiness of the main character in that show, and I adored the cleverness of the dialogue. A Dash of Tony Stark and a pinch of House, and Byron was born. However, the other player characters were what sculpted Byron to be the character he is. Moira played by Angela allowed for Byron to constantly have an audience to his whining. Doctor Charles Israel played by Daneal gave Byron an intellectual to debate and argue with. As for Marcus played by David, he supplied the brotherly role that Byron so desperately wanted to fill."

During episode 4, Life's Masquerade, Angela (in character, as Moira) made good use of her out-of-character knowledge of appropriate period costuming:

"If you’ve listened to [the episode], you’ve undoubtedly heard me geeking the hell out about some 19th century costuming book. In case you're interested where all of the costume inspirations came from, check out the full book on Archive.Org - Fancy Dresses Described: Or, What to Wear at Fancy Balls."

A brief summary of the situation, provided by Angela herself:

"Byron was invited to the masquerade ball by a higher rank aristocrat and, in order to make a good impression, wanted all of the other PCs (plus Adelle) to come along as his retinue. He also wanted to make a good impression on a young lady he was considering courting, and had found out that her masquerade costume was the Queen of the Amazons."
"Byron knew enough that he wanted to coordinate his outfit with his young lady, but with Moira at his side, we were able to coordinate an entire tableau for the group. With the Queen of the Amazons as a starting point, Byron first asked if Hercules might be a good complimentary costume. Considering Hercules’ history with the Amazons, Moira squished that, but then as I recalled some of my own favorite historical and literary ties to the Amazons, I suggested Theseus as Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream opened with Theseus and Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, discussing their impending marriage."

You can hear a short part of the masquerade in the video Fandible Unhallowed Metropolis session 4 highlights.