Campaign: Hollow Earth Expedition

Ilsa Johansen introduced herself as "Lisa Johnson" when she first met the PCs, pretending to be an innocent (yet capable) young woman with a scientific background. However, it was soon revealed that she had tricked them (without any great difficulty, by the way) - her real name was Ilsa, and she seemed to have connections to the Nazis and the mysterious Thule Society.

Jack Mavrickson hates her guts, and really wants to shoot her. Sexual tension may or may not be involved.

Angela commented on Ilsa in a blog post on

"When I planned out our first session, I had no idea whether the game would become a recurring one for the group. So I set up a few antagonist groups and a “big bad” that could be defeated in one session, but was also poised to become the recurring nemesis should the story continue. I very consciously chose to make this nemesis a female character. For one, the femme fatale is a staple of pulp stories – Ilsa Johansen is based explicitly on Elsa Schneider from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – and for another, the rest of my gaming group is male and I was 99% sure they would all elect to play male characters (I was correct). It was my job, more than usual, to inject some estrogen into my campaign."