Player: Billy

Campaign: Rogue Trader

Race: Ork

Occupation: Freebooter

Barsha D. Barsha (the 'D' stands for Da) is a member of the crew on the Rogue Trader spaceship, the Shadow Labyrinth.

He has appeared in a video that Billy made, where he reads an Ork nursery tale to his pet squig: Goodnight Barsha.

Billy described how he named the character in a Fandi-blog post:

"Oddly enough, Barsha was created when I was playing Everquest. I tried to name my ogre ‘Basher the Basher’ but it was sadly taken. However, in a brief glimmer of childlike intuition, I realized that ogres probably couldn’t speak or spell right, thus Barsha was given his name!"
"However, a character is more than a name. They are personality. Honestly, as pretentious as it sounds, I took a lot of inspiration from Frankenstein’s Monster. The creature was brilliant.. however what was scary was how his thought process worked. He was so inhuman with his planning, but still familiar enough that made it uncomfortable. Like a monkey playing poker! Add a bit of funniness from the Orcs in Warcraft III (“Stup pokin’ me!”), and that was how Barsha was born. Daniel and the rest of the crew evolved him to something more, but that was how the character was first created in my head."